Dr. King at Antioch Baptist Church

April 29, 1966 Photo copyright Bob Adelman

G. Adelman king at a ad76

Dr. King encourages residents of Wilcox County to never give up the fight for equality, April 29, 1966, Camden AL

Photo ID #76 Martin Luther King Jr in doorway [portrait / upright view]
1. _________young boy, front left, leaning left, white shirt
2. Fred Brown young boy, slightly behind front row, arm out, white shirt
3. Moses Brown, plaid shirt, looking down
4. Sim Pettway, white shirt, looking down, far right front row
5. Bessie Pettway, dark glasses, far left, 2nd row
6. Cora_______ holding Darryl Perryman (baby), 3rd row
7. Ezzie Wilson, broad brim hat, glasses, 2nd row
8. Virginia Boykin Burrell of Boiling Springs, polka dot dress, center 3rd row
9. Luella George McCants, center with high hat, 4th row.
10. ___________woman with glasses, hair parted in middle
11. Robert Powell with sunglasses, towel on head
12. ____________tall young man with “high top” haircut, white shirt, to upper right of hat lady
12.Carrie Robinson,flower on hat looking up, to left behind RobertPowell
13. Rosetta Marsh Anderson, to right and behind Robert Powell (mostly hidden)
Others in back?

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