Photo ID #50 

Shuttlesworth w numbers

Rev Fred Shuttlesworth reads introduction to Dr. King in Camden, April 29, 1966. This photo is numbered for identification purposes.

Please leave photo ID names in “comment” box below or send to Maria Gitin on Face Book. Thank you.                        

  1. Rev Fred Shuttlesworth in doorway
  1. Fred Brown, young boy, white shirt slightly behind far left, front
  1. __________young boy, front left in white shirt, clapping
  2. Moses Brown, young man, plaid shirt, arms crossed
  3. Sim Pettway, leading applause
  4. _________woman in white turban/high hat, behind Sim
  5. _________woman in dark dress, bouffant hair front row, far right
  6. ________woman in multi colored broad brim hat, face hidden, behind Sim
  7. ________young woman with headband, third row
  8. ______ woman with bouffant hair,4th row far left
  9. ______young man, short hair,4th row, mostly hidden
  10. ______Someone holding a book or handbag on their head
  1. Robert Powell, wearing sunglasses with towel on head
  2. _________tall young man with “high top” haircut, white shirt, behind hat lady
  3. ______________young man, towel on head, next to man with high top
  4. ________young man white shirt and tee shirt, short hair, last one on far right
  5. _________young man squinting, dark pattern shirt, 2nd from far right

(No #) Susanna Rich, under umbrella with white rollers

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